Tawanna’s Bio


Tawanna Hill is a living testimony of the mantra, “If you change your way of thinking, you change the course of your life; think positive thoughts and you will have positive results.”

In 2012, she faced some difficult times and she found it hard to think positive thoughts. Her mind had become stuck and it was unbearable to think positively, because she was in such a dismal state.

However, through determination and prayer she began to put the pieces of her life back together. She found her way back through looking in the mirror daily and reciting positive affirmations.

During the last two years, she has been devoted to changing her “stinking thinking”. She believes that with the use of positive affirmations she gained the strength necessary to persevere through the darkest times of her life. Tawanna built her life up stronger and better one affirmation at a time.

Her mission is to share her story as a source of HOPE for people to rise above all limitations and believe that they can do more, be more, and have more.

Tawanna has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration and Policy Analysis from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is 2015 Toastmasters District 8 Regional Competition 1st place winner.

To bring Tawanna to your organization or event, contact her at tawannathill@gmail.com.