Welcome to YES YOU CAN S.O.A.R!

Who Am I…..?

My name is Tawanna.

You wonder who this woman is named TAWANNA.

I am a Tenacious, Audacious, Withstanding, Authentic, Never defeated, No excuses, Awesome Woman of GOD!

I am an AMAZING woman who serves an EXTRAORDINARY GOD!

I am a WONDERFUL woman, who made extraordinary decision to live and not die; by intentionally pressing forward through the darkness of depression into the light of HOPE, FAITH, and JOY!

I am a REMARKABLE woman who makes extraordinary decisions to smile EVERYDAY even when the sky is gray. I am not saying I don’t have a bad day, I just chose to SMILE anyway!

I am a GREAT woman who is guilty of LOVING hard and making extraordinary decisions daily to LOVE again despite of heartache!

I am an EXCEPTIONAL woman who LOVES herself FLAWS and ALL.

I am a TRIUMPHANT woman who make mistakes every day, but THANKFUL for the extraordinary grace of GOD!

I am an UNIQUE woman that makes extraordinary decisions to SOAR like an eagle!

I am EXTRAORDINARY and YOU are too!

The day I decided to release my past and embrace my future was the moment I accepted the EXTRAORDINARY characteristics that my EXTRAORDINARY God placed inside of me.

Yes, I am tooting my own horn! Toot! Toot!

If I don’t, no one else will and I humbly hope that you are tooting your own horn as well!

You see, you don’t bounce back from the trials and tribulations of life and continue to stand behind the curtain; you take center stage and allow your friends and family to give you the standing ovation you deserve! Receiving their love, kindness, and inspiration with open arms!


The mission for YES YOU CAN S.O.A.R is to share my life as a source of HOPE for women to rise above all limitations and believe that they can do more, be more, and have more.

Encourage women to discover their passion and pursue it with fearlessness and determination to succeed NO MATTER WHAT!

The vision for YES YOU CAN S.O.A.R is to build an international community that is dedicated to helping women release their past and press forward to have the life they desire and deserve.

It is my belief that you have to be willing take responsibility for your life, put on your big girls boots, burst all the balloons from your pity party and make a CHANGE!

Building the life that you want requires that you take a long and hard look in the mirror until you can see inside your soul. Asking yourself the hard question, “What do I want out of life?” “What do I need to do to in order to change my life?” “What will I do differently today, tomorrow, next week, next month, five years from now to have the life that my children and I deserve?”

Through YES YOU CAN S.O.A.R, I will share my story of how I overcame depression. The pain of once feeling unwanted and unloved brought me to my breaking point; a moment that I will never forget. I was at the corner of broken and desperation.

My recovery from depression was not easy…It was at times it was like open heart surgery without anesthesia.

But I have the best doctor there is…God! God has opened my heart and removed the pain, neglect, rejection, and despair from my soul and poured into me HIS LOVE.

It is my heart’s desire to uplift women and go along with them on the journey from hopeless to hopeful, victim to victor, broken to wholeness.

It is my hope that women will be inspired to DREAM, HOPE, BELIEVE, IMAGINE and CREATE the life that they deserve!

I hope that women will make the commitment to be better women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

You are not alone, I am your biggest cheerleader and will provide a daily dose of motivation to give you HOPE to overcome life’s obstacles.