Wimp or a Winner? Which one are you?


We all have a “story.”

Some stories of a horrible family upbringing, horrific situations that happened beyond our control, or being bullied as a child.

Have you ever told your “story” as a way to receive sympathy?

Have you used your “story” as an excuse for your behavior?

Did you get gratification from the validation of the others when they heard your “story?”

I have to be transparent, I have told my “story” to people to feel the sympathy and receive the validation I needed to excuse my inappropriate behavior.

Yes, I was raised in a dysfunctional family, but I have learned that I can longer allow my past to define my future. I learned to take responsibility for my actions and stop blaming my family upbringing on my dysfunctional situation.

Victims are powerless. I was powerless and I wanted to be POWERFUL and in control of my life!

Please understand that I am very sensitive to situations that have happened and were out of peoples control. Some so unfortunate that they stick in your mind, causing emotions to arise beyond understanding. That pain is real and true; I know it all so well.

I also know the sweet feeling of making peace with my past. Making peace with my past has been a journey. A journey that is sometimes lonely and dark. It requires me to face some situations I had buried 6ft deep. Yet, I know and believe that making peace with my past is necessary for me to remain powerful and create the life that I deserve.

It was easy being the wimp. I was stuck in my own pity party. Sharing my “story” stroked my ego. I felt validated for being bitter, anger and resentful.

It was not easy changing from my wimpy mindset to a winner mindset.

Changing your mind is one that takes you intentionally being willing to look in the mirror and acknowledge what happened to you.

Yes, you were molested. Yes, you were raped. Yes, your husband cheated on me. Yes, your mother and/or father beat you. Yes, they bullied you.

Now that we have acknowledged what happened to you, you can move on to speaking who you are.

That horrible situation did happen to you, but that is not who you are!


Being a wimp should be a temporary state of mind, some people have allowed the wimpy mentality to become their permanent way of thinking.

A person with a wimpy mindset:

  • Blame others
  • Have a negative perception of the future
  • Believes that everyone else is the problem beside themselves
  • Unable to adapt to adversity
  • Believe the world is against them
  • Constantly worrying about the future
  • Drifts along in life with lack of direction
  • Have negative inner chatter
  • Always take the easy route
  • Feels trapped by life

A person with a WINNER mindset:

  • Are quick to recognize their wrongs and apologize
  • Cheerful and positive about life
  • Maintain a teachable attitude
  • Always seeking opportunities for personal development
  • Face challenges head on
  • Plan for the future
  • Have a clear focus on what they want and how they will get it
  • Have powerful inner conversations
  • Take the road less traveled
  • Happy with their life

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

You have the strength, courage and wisdom inside of you to become whatever you choose to be.

What is your story?

What can you do to change your story from you being the wimp to the WINNER?

Journal your wimp “story” and allow the tears to flow.

Then write your WINNER “story” read it as often as  you need allowing your WINNER mindest to manifest!

Be Blessed,